Is 10:30a.m. too early?

For whiskey? Nooooooooo, it’s the perfect time to go to Jameson for a tour. Yes, another whiskey tour and yes, more whiskey. Why don’t I change it up? Hold your horses we’re getting there.


Like most distillery tours, this one also offers an extensive look into the background of how the company was founded and how it persisted through the years. So what makes this one different? Well, it has green spot. What is green spot? My go to whiskey when pub hopping. It doesn’t have quite the bite of Jameson and in my opinion goes down much smoother. Another fun thing Jameson is doing is called “caskmate,” this is Jameson that’s been aged in craft stout barrels, like Guinness.


Did someone say Guinness? Yes, yes I did. If you know me, you know I’m not a beer drinker, and this is no exception. So why go? Because I can’t resist the old school toucan happily pushing product, plus they have food. Not pub food, but good food in generous portions. Also, they teach you how to properly pour a Guinness, some of you could really use this knowledge.


So I have my whiskey, I have my beer (hypothetically) now time for some Irish music. So where to go? How about the famed Temple Bar. This might be confusing for those visiting for the first time. Temple Bar is not just a bar, but it’s also a section of Dublin. Most bars with live music will be playing familiar American songs that make you want to wave the American flag the more you drink. But what about traditional Irish music with the occasional Bruce Springsteen? Temple Bar. Not only is the whiskey selection impressive but the menu includes numerous options of traditional Irish fare and if you have no idea what you want just ask a bartender. The staff is some on the friendliest and most knowledgable I’ve encountered in Dublin. Seriously, ask them any question and if they can’t answer it, they will find someone that can. The list of restaurants I cling to like the holy grail when I’m there came from this place the first time I visited.

Sidenote: to the person that bought me a green spot because I looked like the “saddest person in the bar,” that is just my face, it’s how it always looks.


Also, there’s a webcam out front, so feel free to poke your head out and wave hello to those back home. I did so and my stepdad commented that I have long hair… yes, I have lots of hair, it’s filled with secrets.

Drinks, drinks, musics, it’s probably time for food. For all you carnivores out there, Fade Street Social is for you, for all you non-carnivores, they have salad. When you sit down you’ll notice a large chalk board with various cuts of meat in different portions and prices. One by one you’ll see them crossed off so don’t delay, when they are gone, they’re gone. From drinks to dessert this place has it all.

I finish the night finding every O’Donoghues pub I can and the best one? On Merrion Row. Only one all night playing legit Irish music and standing room only.

Next stop? Galway.

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