Have you ever thought to yourself, today I’m going to get lost in the countryside and see what happens? That sounds like a great plan unless the countryside is 30 degrees, wind gusts of 20+mph and filled with seasick German tourists trying to kill you with selfie sticks. Look no further, Galway has your name all over it. I swear there is one little spot in Galway, which is the ONLY spot it does not rain. And I think it’s the castle from the Disney movie, “Brave.”

20180422-387A2097.jpgSeriously, the only sunny spot in all of Ireland. . . and it’s magical.

If castles are your thing there is one about every 5 feet. I don’t know if there are more castles than sheep, it’s a possibility. But the sheep are damn cute.

Exhibit A


If you like your sheep with a bit more edgy style then exhibit B is all you

Exhibit B


So about right now I’m sure you’re wondering, “Hey, Marissa, you said something about seasick German tourists killing people with selfie sticks?!” Yes I did, I’m getting there. I try to stay away from the touristy things when I travel but everyone said you need to see the cliffs of Moher. There’s two angles you can approach this, go to the park and walk over there and get pelted by rain, massive wind gusts and lots and lots of very slow moving tourists. I tried this for 5 minutes, then went to a pub to form a better plan. The second way to see the cliffs is by boat and the woman at the tourism center told me this was good weather they were having…This woman was in the business of lies as far as I’m concerned but whatever lady, you sold me a ticket. There are about 30 people per boat and  all of the seating is inside, where you have portholes to look out that are so encrusted by salt you see nothing. So everyone goes outside to the upper and lower decks. Swells start out small, 4-5 feet and as we move out to sea grow to about 15′. I’m standing in a place I can hold on and not lose my balance which happens to be next to two girls trying to take selfies. Girls, if you take more than 15 minutes to get a selfie you doing something wrong! Put down your phone and go enjoy life. So a wave would hit, I’d get a selfie stick to the face. I’m not talking inches away, I’m talking contact. After the second time this happens I wonder if anyone will notice me push a body overboard. But before I can complete the thought, whack! Third time to the face and I grab the selfie stick and throw it into the cabin of the boat. “Sorry,” says the German girl. “OK,” says the irritated American. I decide to move my location to get better pictures and notice there’s not one or two people throwing up, there’s 5. Maybe I should go up stairs? Ah, look at this view! As long as I can tune out the 3 people puking over the side this is great!


Honestly, puking German tourists trying to decapitate me with selfie sticks sounds fun but I have other stuff to do. Like go to the parts of Ireland where everything is in Gaelic and I have no service. For example, Tra means beach, but not beach like how you or I are thinking, beach as in this is why Irish people are super pale.


I did find one of the most colorful creatures on my walk to the beach.

20180422-387A2125Can anyone really resist a yellow and purple snail!! Aside from spray painted sheep this is the most colorful thing in all of Ireland, other than me having too many whiskies just past midnight.

Where to next? Enough of this rainy weather, lets go somewhere with an abundance of sun and sand. Any guesses?

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