Mahi and the Taxman

Would you like to know the best kept secret in Florida? It’s a little town called Jupiter. If you like golf, then no doubt you’ve heard of it. Tiger woods, Jack Nicholas, Rickie Fowler and more call this tiny paradise home. But there is so much more here than Golf.

Having grown up here I have pretty high expectations of what the ocean and beach should look like. If it’s not bath tub temperature and crystal clear to 20′ then I’m clearly not getting in. You know what else is amazing about this water? The fish! So on this trip home I’ve decided to dedicate a week straight to fishing.

Day one starts on a charter boat called “Sea Note” with captain Willis based out of Sailfish Marina. Captain Willis is a one man show baiting hooks and sending up kites while the rest of us kick back and start raiding the coolers. It doesn’t take long before lines start going off and we start pulling in little Mahi’s.

20180516-387A3617.png20180516-387A3630.pngLook at that color! Little babes are so cute! That’s one mahi sandwich right there. Thank god we caught 8 so everyone could get a sammie. One by one we start pulling up more and I realize the fitness bar that I’ve set for myself might be too low. In my opinion, the only upper body strength I’ve ever needed was enough to pull myself back onto a boat so I wouldn’t get eaten by a shark. Then I get a fish on the line that makes me think otherwise. I’m reeling for what seems like forever then boom! Did my fish just lose weight, did it get off the line or did it throw up the white flag of surrender?

Turns out my fish lost weight…



The theme of my day is catching fish that have enough meat for one sandwich. Damn you taxman!

As if Willis didn’t have enough work, we made him do more.


Day one done! We didn’t lose anyone and we survived the threat of storms. I call that a success. If you’ve paid attention to the weather in the sunshine state lately you’ll know that it’s been anything but sunny. So how does day two turn out for me?

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