They call me Sapphire

Do you know what happens when you show up 2 minutes behind everyone else? You find yourself with a new nickname and shady job. “Who’s the girl? Why is she coming?”



“Oh her? That’s Sapphire, she works the 4:30 shift on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we paid her to be here.” The best thing (or the worst) was the captain not knowing if we were telling the truth or not. Sorry to ruin everything, but I am not a stripper, I’m an engineer/photographer.


After we thoroughly confuse Willis we set out from Palm Beach inlet and head south hoping to avoid the obvious rain coming our way. To no ones surprise we end up in a down pour. But what does it matter? The fish don’t know the difference anyway. My father recently asked my why I’ve gotten into fishing so much lately. Fishing is my new yoga, it’s the only thing that gets me calm and focused for hours. And I still get to be physical and maybe kill something, they frown upon that in yoga. So what’s on the menu for today? In the early part of the morning we pull up some king fish and black fin tuna. Before we know it, the current has pushed us north of the inlet and we are offshore of McArthur state park, fun fact: this place used to be a nude beach back in the day. We head back south and as soon as the boat stops what do we see? A sand shark that’s come to say hi. I run to grab my GoPro and carefully lean over the boat as far as possible. This is the first shark I’ve ever seen to turn down chum. Thanks buddy.

One more king fish and we call it and head back into Sailfish Marina. I remember coming here as a kid and being amazed at home many jacks there were. I’m still kinda that way as an adult.


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