Blind Pass

This week was filled with exciting news! Ok, maybe a little odd, a little exciting and slightly sexist.

20171225-GOPR1659-2Florida is finally out of its rain funk and we can all go back outside and rejoice! Do you know what there is to do on this island when it rains? Drink and binge watch Netflix. There’s only so much a sane person can tolerate so praise baby Jesus the sun came back out and so did I. I made three trips to blind pass this week thinking this would be the week I clear everything. On a side note, I’m starting to think some of you are flirting with me by leaving some pretty fancy baits lately, bless your hearts! Day one is a huge success and by the end of day two I’m fairly sure I’ve found everything. Day three starts on the early side, so early I think no one’s even had time to lose a lure yet. Wrong! I find six of the same lure in the same mangrove. Dude, while I admire your persistence, this is not for you. Go home, dear random stranger, and practice casting in your yard, then move to a wide open space before you come back here!

What other excitement has transpired this week? I finally had an appointment to fix the fuel line on the trackhawk. This is my third time down for the same issue and to actually know they have a part… words can’t describe my excitement. After a short 2.5 hours in the waiting room I’m told my car is ready. I go to the cashiers counter and read over the paperwork. “I’m confused,” I say, “did you guys do anything?” “No,” is her response. I have been told since December, “Do not drive your car, there is a fuel line recall.” I have had it down to Naples three times and hooked up to computers to validate that the car does indeed have an issue. It’s almost as if Sarah Saunders was telling me my car was undriveable and then it’s fine. I want to thank Chrysler for making the first ever self healing jeep. Y’alls technology is lightyears ahead. On my way out a man pulls over in his hellcat and asks if I’m driving a trackhawk. “Yes sir,” I say. “You better be careful being a girl driving that car,” he says. I’m so glad he said this because I always forget that 1: I am a girl and 2: I am driving a fast car. I somehow say “oh don’t worry, I’ll be careful,” but what I mean was, “please pull over your car before you stroke out in front of me.”Fun fact: Did you know this car can do 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds? Look at how long it takes me because I am such a safe driver!

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