I have an inability to sit still. I wake up in the morning, grab my coffee and feel the need to leave my house. I don’t always have a plan, but I know whatever I’m seeking is bound to be in or around the ocean so it’s the best place to start. I load up my usual supplies: paddle board, camera, Gopro, fins and mask, homemade snacks and a Red Bull. Is it really a journey if it doesn’t start with the sound of a Red Bull being popped open? Jupiter is only a 3 hour drive across the state and allows me the perfect opportunity to sing along to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ at least one time without judgement and then put my music on shuffle. Thank God Claudia updates the playlist or I would have been listening to the same thing since I graduated high school.

What do you do when you get to this place? Personally, I go order a veggie sub from Publix, apply way too much SPF 30 and struggle to pick out which hat to wear. And then? The possibilities are endless. Go to Blue Heron bridge and snorkel or brush up on your diving skills. They have a great little course set up where you can see tropical fish, starfish and rays.

IMG_7179Go fishing. I have no skill at fishing and somehow I still manage to reel something in. Literally, I have no talent here and I am still finding a way to make it work.

The real reason I come over here is just for the water. You jump in, swim out and just float. Everything but salt and sunshine will fade away and the world goes on turning but time stands still.

GPTempDownload 4What could possibly drag you me away from this? Inevitably food. Specifically the fish dip and sweet potato crusted snapper at Food Shack. If you haven’t been there you are doing Jupiter wrong. If your friends haven’t told you about it you may want to question the value of that friendship. I would normally show you pictures of the delicious food from the restaurant I just mentioned, but each time I go I’m not thinking about pictures and instead I decided to just enjoy my meal.

Some things are easily misunderstood. Like when I tell people I’m weird they think it’s cute, but they have no idea I wore a beanie around the kitchen while making dinner and attempting German last night. Other things misunderstood? Sharks. We grow up being told these animals are vicious man-eaters that will devour us the moment our little toe hits the water. Truth be told, sharks are almost more tolerant of people than I am. As soon as I saw one of these beauties swim by I did what anyone else would do. Scream with excitement like a 5 year old and then try to get as close as possible.

GPTempDownload 2

GPTempDownload 3

I’ve learned that if I ever want to reel a fish back to the boat faster than a shark will eat it, I need to start working out upper body.

I’m always inspired by other photographers. Each trip I make back I try to capture a new picture of home inspired by some photos taken by other people, some I know, some have no idea I stalk their Instagram page. It is such a small town it is hard to find a place that has been seen before, but perspective always gives us room to play. Coral Cove park I feel is forgotten sister park to blowing rocks. I don’t know the two girls looking out, but they make me think of pioneers watching as a new galaxy rises over the horizon.LRG_DSC00379

From sunrises to sunsets. Yep, starting to miss this spot right about now.20180614-DSC00183.jpg

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