Dream of Californication

Fun fact about me, sometimes I flip a quarter to make decisions… that’s how I ended up moving to Philly years ago. Is this how I ended up in California? Nope, there was no quarter in this decision making process. Sometimes the opposite side of the country just calls to you; so you drop everything, decide a plan is overrated and go.  What’s the worst that can happen right?

Ok, here’s where a plan would have come in handy. Or maybe even the slightest knowledge about the area I was going to. I was completely horrified and shook by the lack of fish dip. Seriously? This whole state boarders an ocean and people had the audacity to look at me like I had three heads when inquiring about my delicious treat. Not to worry though, if you can make it past the hoards of college kids on summer break, or the bros that still think they are on summer break, then good food and beverages are to be found.


I’ll caution you that California trails are almost more dangerous than telling my mother she was wrong about something. I’m not sure if all the wildfires have burned down the trail signs or some evil park official decided to have a little fun with the tourists. Either way, study a map like you’re prepping for the SAT’s before you set out. And bring lots of water. If you’re like me, an incline is new to you. A bridge is the closest structure we have to a hill in Florida and the trails I went hiking were not kind to outsiders.


There are also small glimpses that remind me of home. And lingering watching a sunset you forget about the masses of people around you and let the colors wash over you as you fill your lungs with cool salt air.


3 thoughts on “Dream of Californication

    1. Only the most amazing thing ever! Smoked locally caught fish that’s broken down and mixed together with a few spices. Spread on a cracker and top with a pepperoncini, red onion and caper. This is best eaten water front with your feet propped up and a grapefruit vodka club soda in the other hand. If you’re ever in Florida I’ll hook you up!

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