When I think of South Beach I think of college. Spring break usually meant pool parties at the Delano and I was one of the first ones there. I’d wake up, grab my already packed bag and wouldn’t even bother with breakfast, it’s Miami, who eats anyway. I’d find a chair with the perfect amount of shade facing the pool, unpack my bag and flag a waitress. “Hi! Can I have a Bloody Mary please,” I’d ask. “Sure… are those school books?” “Yes, killing two birds with one stone here. I’ll study and watch everybody else become wasted train wrecks, win-win.” And somehow it all worked out. Now when I go to South Beach, clubs and pool parties are not at the top of my list. Finding historic drug sites and chasing down sharks are at the top of my list.


I give you stiltsville! I don’t know a ton about these homes so feel free to school me in the comments section but… I do know this is a good way to keep random visitors from stopping by. Also, these houses were party central for a long time, and what comes with parties kids? Party supplies! So as you can guess, Miami Vice was also a big fan of these for a time. No more construction of these homes is allowed and the area is now part of a trust to preserve the existing 7 homes and their history. 20180714-DSC00527I just couldn’t get enough of these!! So much fun!

Just around the corner is Elliot key. It was my first time here so I had no idea what to expect. The moment the anchor was in the water I was off the boat with my gear half way on.

Barracuda, sharks, eels, tropical fish and the list goes on. The water is warm enough you don’t need a dive suit AND no red tide or green algae bloom. I could spend day after day doing this.


From here we went back in with one stop left to make before the marina, Miami Marine Stadium. I don’t know much about this place either but I do know it’s hosted some pretty cool events which include:

Speed boat races

Jimmy Buffet concerts with the audience either on boats or in floats

Boxing matches

Can you imagine watching a boxing match, live, on the water!?


The stadium was deemed unsafe in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew and was never rebuilt. It is to my understanding that a group has bought it and is looking to restore it. Yay more concerts!!

The best of times with the best of friends! I seriously don’t know a cooler 11 year old.

FullSizeRenderIMG_6384Dedicated to …”All the nuts, zero death”

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