Silver Springs

When you know badass chicks, you do badass things. And this can vary depending on how you define badassery. Some girls take on the city and brave crowds and blinding lights, others flee the city and escape to the beach with an umbrella drink and tropical breezes. We decided to take in the softer side of mother nature (and Florida) and retreat to the springs.

Love this shot of Laura. Color coordinating her bikini with the lily pads.

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to get away from the chaos of south Florida and take in the calm serene surrounds of crystal clear fresh water deep in the middle of northern Florida. And this was my biggest mistake.

One thing all Floridians look forward to during summer is how much it slows down. We can find parking spaces in under a half hour, we can get into the local restaurants without having to make a reservation, we can actually drive down I-95 and not be stuck behind someone in the far left lane with their left blinker on going 10mph under the speed limit. Apparently, all of Florida rejoices by going to the springs. Every. Summer. Weekend.


So, if being in a small body of water rubbing up against random strangers isn’t your thing, you have a few options. I’m by no means opposed to unicorn floats and a bottle of your local liquor stores finest but let’s be honest, I’m a little high maintenance. Also, due to excessive rain, the springs are running brown destroying any hopes I had for getting underwater shots. What’s a girl to do?


Kasia and Laura from the OG Grand Canyon trip join me along with new addition Tracy. What’s Tracy like? A blonde spitfire with the warmest smile and personality. If you want to go find a gator or go kite surfing, she’s already ahead of you. Claudia wasn’t able to make it but was there in spirit and her music playlists were on repeat in the background.

We find our AirBnB and volunteer for different roles. I volunteer to make breakfast and the next morning upon doing so I realize I don’t even eat eggs and have no idea what I’m doing. I decide to stick to what I’m good at, making the worlds meanest PB&J’s.  We decide to ditch the idea of Ginnie springs and the anarchy that will no doubt ensue and opt for Silver Springs. State parks = less shenanigans. If you have two cars you can launch from Silver Springs and float down to the boat ramp. We chose this option.

If you think the Caribbean has clear water you will lose your freaking mind here. The head spring at Silver Springs is 35 feet deep and 125 across. You will be completely overwhelmed by the beauty and the wildlife. Alligators, cooters (google it), anhinga’s and … wait for it… monkeys.


The only thing you have left to do is go slowly and enjoy it.

Maybe a little shenanigans…



Behind the scenes, Yeti bag camera gear and big straw hat. 


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