Fisheating Creek

I cut across the state a few times a month, back and forth between Sanibel and Jupiter, but I usually don’t make any stops in between. If you take the northern route over Lake Okeechobee you get to see old oaks drenched in Spanish moss covering the backroads. You can also stop off at Fisheating Creek and canoe down pristine waters while observing the wildlife. I was lucky enough to have a native Floridian and amazing nature photographer, Paul Marcellini, join me and lead the way. IMG_8517



We launched the canoe a few miles upstream and planned to make our way back with the current doing most of the work. He pointed out gators, apple snails and offered an abundance of facts on the area. Although this area is more popularly photographed in the dry season, it is still worth seeing in the wet season. Pack a big hat, lunch and a hammock. Nothing like eating a Publix sub in a hammock between two cypress trees with nowhere else to be .


The tannic waters hid the white sandy bottom but in shallow areas the water appears to glow orange as if sunset is lighting the creek from below. LRG_DSC00596LRG_DSC00631.jpgA benefit of the rainy season is seeing the resurrection ferns green and unfurled. They line the live oaks making a vibrant emerald carpet as if forest fairies scattered them like confetti dancing their way along the branches. Below is my best attempt at mimicking said fairy.


Disclaimer: I am not this glowy in real life.

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