Sweet Home Alabama

Here. There. Then gone. Keeping up with me is a difficult thing. Half the time I don’t even know where I’m going to be next. I certainly never thought it would be Alabama, and before you start thinking, “oh sweet lawd why Alabama?!” no, I am not moving to Alabama, just simply passing through. As if this state wasn’t exciting enough on its own, there was also the threat of a category 4 hurricane. It’s as if home was following me; Spaghetti models, Jim Cantore, Netflix and popcorn, not to mention front row seats at the beach if I felt like getting sand blasted. But natural disasters aside, this coastline has had some beautiful moments.

I have found everyones favorite place to be and it’s a small stretch of 4 lane road right off the beach. I swear the entire population sits on this road and that explains why the beach is always empty. I still have yet to figure out the main attraction of this road, but I’m coming to terms with this mystery. So while everyone is calmly sitting in traffic idling at 35 mph, I’m at the beach.


One thing I have noticed at every beach access is the line, “leave only footprints.” It’s not just printed once, but there is a sign every foot or so saying this, and right after the signs, there are flags. For all the redundancy, I think it’s working. Now the only thing I have left to figure out is why they feel the need to put cheese on everything. I mean it’s sushi! It’s been fine for hundreds of years with no cheese but once you bring it to the south… no. Deep fry it, add some cheese and bacon. SMH

On a side note, prints will soon be up on my photography site.


And as requested by my family, photo proof I’m alive.


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