Oh Christmas Tree

I’ll admit it, I think I’ve been a little lazy. My step dad has been going, “you went to Paris, post about Paris…” so lets quickly talk about Paris so I can talk about something more fun.

Paris was insane. My hotel was being boarded up the moment I got there and the riots weren’t just in Paris, they were everywhere. Like they were also in Bordeaux, where I went to avoid the riot only to be met by more riot police carrying tear gas and fire trucks spraying water canons just in front of my hotel. All in all you can say it was a good trip. Wine, the Eiffel Tower and my desperate search for a vegetable.


So why have I gathered you all here today? To talk about something very important… My Christmas tree. Behold!


Part Martha Stewart, part Florida Sportsman… 100% tetanus.

How did this wonderful thing come to be? If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with being on the water. And what do I do when I’m out on the water? Besides talk to myself, I pick up trash and some of that includes these fancy schmancy lures fisherman have sadly parted with. This tree, however, has lures that I’ve only found in November and December.

Most of them have come from blind pass which runs between Sanibel and Captiva and a few have come from Tarpon Bay. There’s only a handful of lures and bobbers on the tree but think of this, I find on average 6 lures a day and roughly 200 a month. That’s 2400 lures a year found by just one person! Imagine how big that number would be if I had friends!


If you’re looking for the perfect board… flying fish

2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. Love that tree!! really appreciate how your passion for water is used to help “clean up” this wonderful place and really respect your soul….merry, merry, CHRISTmas M!!


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