Grand Cayman: Part 3

This is the part of the trip I am most excited to share, Macabuca.


This little piece of paradise can be found in between a turtle research center and a turtle meat store, on your way to hell. The dive shop is located off to the side and opens up into a bar. I pick up my nitrox, put all my gear on, walk through the bar and out the back where a small set of stairs lead directly into clear blue water. There is a small trench to follow out and then the wall drops off to about 70′. You have the options, go left or go right, don’t go straight. Vast amounts of white sand will remind you of the desert, instead, stick to wall where all the coral and sea life are. As soon as you’re over the wall you’re surrounded by brightly colored parrot fish, neon colored sponges, green moray eels and several hawksbill turtles. It almost felt that at every moment I was discovering something new and I couldn’t point my camera in enough directions. Since I’ve had time to come home and watch hours of footage on repeat, I’m seeing more and more things each time. I thought a Christmas tree worm (must watch link) was rare but in reality, I saw dozens. The same goes for the tiny banded shrimp and arrow crabs, so easy to miss at first, but after you find what you are looking for, they are impossible to miss. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but floating here is my happy place.

Considering I still haven’t developed gills, I eventually head back to shore. A quick drop of the tank and rinse of the gear lead to the inevitable celebratory margarita. Don’t get a margarita here, stick with beer.

After that one beer, head up the road to Vivo. While this place boasts a vegan menu they also have lion fish. So do your part for our oceans, go to Vivo and eat lion fish anything. And if you are really aching for another dive, the restaurant is tied to a dive shop so a tank rental isn’t out of reach. With all the diving done, there is only one thing left to do… go fishing.


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