Friends are the Best!

Most of my time is spent searching for a view. Where to watch the sunrise come up over the ocean, where to watch sunset over a mountain, where to watch fog lift from a valley and reveal a carpet of wild flowers. What could make these views better? The perfect black truffle Mac and cheese? Maybe, I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong. But people to share it with can make all the difference in the world.

Starting to be tradition, backlit silhouettes.

Getting together with girlfriends doesn’t happen often enough, in fact, it’s been almost a year since I hung out with these ladies as a group. The last adventure we went on was to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We overcame our picky eating, a cold, and hiking 30+ miles to form bonds we’d never forget.

Waking up for beach yoga is not the top of my list but being bribed with Starbucks gives me all the hope I need. After we pick up our coffee, we make our way down to the beach and set up towels for an hour of free form yoga. An hour is a bit of a stretch for me, but I give myself a pat on the back for making it 30 minutes. I look up from Childs pose and see a reflection staring back at me in my sunglasses. Sunrise bouncing off Kasia as she pushes into a spinal stretch seems to be glowing in a deep blue and gold backlit by vibrant sand. Meditation takes is shape in many forms, for me, it’s photos. I grab my camera and go about capturing my friends as they wake up and greet the morning, opening their hearts, calming their minds and tolerating me clicking away.

IMG_7498LRG_DSC05630As usual, I am guarded with my communication. We all catch each other up with where we’ve been, how life has changed and our current battles. By far, we are all successful women. We have our ventures, our loved ones, our personal pursuits and the ability to make future plans to travel to see one another. But after the surface conversation is over, the drinks and the sun take over, and we start to have real conversations. This, of course, is always more entertaining over gourmet donuts wandering around Wynwood.


To top off the weekend, it is also Laura’s birthday. I’ll admit, it’s hard to top hiking the Grand Canyon, like we did for Laura’s 30th, but vitamin sea therapy and good food probably make a close second. If you find yourself in south beach looking to get away from the clubs then head to what the locals call “Sofi” (south of fifth). There’s Big Pink for breakfast, I recommend their salmon omelet or if you’re feeling decadent, their French toast. After you over do it on the sugar in the morning, walk over to Pura Vida and get a ginger shot, it will cure whatever ails you (like the hangover from the night before).  For lunch, hit up Local House. It’s light and refreshing and you’ll be able to head back to the beach without a food baby and still feeling full. I had two lunches there at once, trust me, I know.  Laura’s birthday dinner was the best. We went to Prime Fish and ordered what felt like one of everything off the menu. Laura’s mom, who is such a sweet supporter of my photos, was kind enough to buy us all dinner for Laura’s birthday. I’m starting to get used to that smile that says, “guys you shouldn’t have,” but melts into happiness.

20190427-DSC0571920190427-DSC057165a60f3ce-8e6d-4346-ae3d-3aaacbc2a3fdAnother year, another adventure together. Surround yourself with good people, people that want the best for you and that listen to you no matter how trivial and crazy your problems seem to be. And more importantly, make times for those people in return. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you again!

IMG_7954LG 2

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