Diving Amed

Each dive in Bali was different from the last. Giant gliding mantas, wobbegong sharks, and colorful nudibranch, what could be left to see that’s new?

amed boat.jpgThe dive boat this time was not your typical cattle boat. Instead we took Jukungs. A Jukung is a small wooden outrigger canoe. Ours were about 2 1/2′ wide and could hold 3 divers and the captain. Due to limited space, your dive gear is given to you once you’re off the boat. I imagine I looked like a turtle struggling on its back when trying to put on my BCD.

20190612-GX012466-2Before I had a chance to turn on my camera I saw a turtle dive beneath the waves. Not even under the water and already excited about what else could possibly be beneath the surface. The first dive at Amed is known for its “pyramids,” these are large artificial reefs that now support an abundant and diverse amount of sea life.

When you first start diving you notice the large fish and large fans. After you become more familiar with the process and the anxiety of,  “what if,” goes away and you start to notice more. This is one of those places you need to slow down to notice all the tiny details. I suggest when you first pick up diving to leave the camera at home. There is so much going on around you it would be a shame to miss it because your attention is diverted to the camera. Take a look at the video and see how many species you can recognize. Then watch the video again and see everything you missed the first time watching it.


The second dive at Amed takes you to the point of the island. You swim out and back instead of drift. This can seem redundant, but just like rewatching a video, this gives you a chance to see what you may have missed the first time. Plus, you know, fish… they swim around. Some more than others. Which brings me to this point. Enter the Triggerfish. Most of us are familiar with the smaller versions we put in our salt water tanks, but there are a variety of these fish and they can get rather large. Triggerfish are highly territorial. Don’t be distracted by the bright colors and beautiful patterns, these fish have been know to bite holes through fins and even ram into divers knocking them out cold. Imagine that, TKO by triggerfish, probably not the story you want to tell your friends.

titan triggerfish
Titan Triggerfish

Rather than get close, let the current carry you past the beautiful reefs and soft corals and soak up all you can. Now that the dive portion of Bali has come to a close, I’ll let you in on some ventures around Nusa Penida.



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