Little Column A, Little Column B

4381823E-4442-4CF4-91F0-E1CAC7111642I’ve taken this show on the road! Or at least out of my back yard. While I’m a strong advocate of taking care of your home and keeping it beautiful, I’ve been exploring other places. A combination of finding fish and finding lures, little column A, little column B. I’ve been asked how I can care for the environment and still fish at the same time. Odd how many people think you can either be one way or the other. Why not be both? And as I meet more people I am finding out there are more just like that. If you’re interested in seeing who is helping to keep out waterways clean and filled with healthy marine life here’s a list of a few:

And the list keeps going and growing.


IMG_1158.JPGThere are also artist that are spreading the word of keeping coastlines healthy through their work like, Keith Ousley. Check out his story and his Mangrove Berry Bracelets.

IMG_8872.jpgAs for me, I’ve finally set up a website and just put together my first book documenting some of my journey. Feels odd looking at a bunch of photos of me and rusty hooks, but it’s filled with good times and great memories.



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