I’m Actually a Photographer

I never thought I’d say that. Normally I tell people I’m a fake photographer. I take good photos like I make good food, but nothing that has ever been truly amazing in my eyes. That has all changed recently. My girlfriend, Kasia, does a beautiful sunrise practice most mornings and allowed me the opportunity to capture some of the beauty. It’s not everyday that you have the real life Little Mermaid who is willing to get pummeled by waves while still being the embodiment of grace and zen. In addition to being beaten by Mother Nature she stood in the Anastasia limestone and flowed through a series of poses. Have you ever tried to stand on one foot on uneven sharp rock while getting smashed by waves? I have, and I look like the rat from Ratatouilles. Kasia looks like Ariel emerging from the water with luminous hints of pastel lighting and shimmer surrounding her. Thank god I’m behind the camera and Kasia is in front.

If anyone is interested in capturing moments like these let me know!

2 thoughts on “I’m Actually a Photographer

  1. Love Blowing Rocks, when I first visited in 1971 , there was a very thick Australian Pine forest between the beach and the road.


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