Saving Turtles, Lions and Zebras

F4C5628D-93B4-4D02-8F1B-3BBAD871C439Do you like being outside? Do you enjoy salt water, the feeling of sunshine on your skin and the breeze blowing your hair back into your face? I do, I like all those things. I get to find a lot of things out there while enjoying those things. I started Salt Collins Lures to share some of the things I find out there. Recycled lures means everyone wins, fewer lures in trees means less entangled wildlife AND lures that support clean coastlines. Not sure if you guys have noticed that I find way more than lures and fishing line though. I try to pick up everything I find out there; bottle caps, balloon string, plastic bags and so on. Plastic bags can be tricky though. A few times those plastic bags haven’t actually been plastic bags, they’ve been jellyfish. And you know what, most jellyfish are not fun to pick up. You know what does like to pick up jellyfish? Sea Turtles… sea turtles looooove picking up some jellyfish. After grabbing a handful of jelly on a few occasions I’ve realized how easy it is for turtles to mistake floating pieces of plastic for jellies.


Speaking of turtles, you know who does an amazing job with turtles? Loggerhead Marinelife Center. This organization specializes in the conservation of ocean ecosystems with a special focus on threatened and endangered sea turtles. This is a great way to learn about turtles and offers you the chance to see some up close. The center has several holding tanks that house turtles on the mend. Some are victims of propeller lacerations, some have ingested plastic, some have medical ailments. Each one has a different story and there is a volunteer there to tell you the background and answer any questions you could possibly have. “What is the treatment for this turtle?” or “How old is this turtle?” or “What is this turtles favorite color?” Seriously, go in and ask questions. This organization has made such an impact on reviving the turtle population that I see them almost every time I paddle Jupiter.

af3664dc-06a4-458d-b327-ab0b9cd31bd6I’ve also seen Zebras and Lions. Literally had a lion float right up to the board. So todays lesson? Watch your kids toys before they become my toys!! I’m not giving them back, I’m having too much fun!


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