I Can See The Future

IMG_3347The year is coming to an end and I’m looking back at all the memories. The steps forward, the steps back, the start of new journeys and the closing of chapters. One I’d like to focus on is Salt Collins Lure Co. Since it first opened in October it’s sold a total of 126 lures. The doesn’t include the amount of hooks, soft lures, monofilament and random objects that have also been recovered. I couldn’t be happier with all we’ve accomplished in such a small amount of time. Birds and turtles have been made slightly safer and our shoreline that much more beautiful.

IMG_3324Last year I decorated a small Christmas tree in my office with some of my recovered goodies. This year, I needed a bigger tree, 6′ to be exact. I figured this would be a good time to take things in a new direction that would ultimately have a more beneficial impact on those that choose to purchase upcycled lures. I’ll be taking the next few months to turn Salt Collins Lure Co into a non-profit. Now, when someone chooses to purchase some lures they will be able to have a charitable tax write off AND the same organizations that we have been giving to will still receive the same (if not more) from us. Good feelings + tax benefits = one happy girl and many happy birds. Thank you to all who have encouraged me, supported me and offered me counsel (even when I resisted). I look forward to the many adventures next year, the foreseeable and the unknown, and hope you all will join me on this journey.

In the meantime, check out these dope Christmas decorations. Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

One thought on “I Can See The Future

  1. Love where you have gone with this. Consider putting a link on your website to Mind Your Line’s public reporting of abandoned fishing gear . Let me know if I can help.

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